sohm etherscan: OlympusTreasury Address 0xfeb084c123185585fed86e7e8c95000c5867d7bc Etherscan

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This is a statistical representation of the maximum market cap, assuming the maximum number of 29 Million OHM tokens are in circulation today. Depending on how the emission schedule of OHM tokens are designed, it might take multiple years before FDV is realized. The team designed OHM to be a stable reserve currency using economics force.

Fear not, you can still interact with the Olympus contracts to perform certain actions such as unstaking. In this guide, we will show you how to unstake sOHM tokens via Etherscan. Connecting wallet for read function is optional, useful if you want to call certain functions or simply use your wallet’s node. Etherscan wallet tracking functionalities but also the option to identify ongoing airdrops on the Ethereum network. Airdrops are a great option for many crypto enthusiasts to get their hands on new tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem.


Each block has a set fee that differs depending on the network traffic. The gas tracker on Etherscan shows you the difference in price and time at varying gas prices. If you ever need to add a new token to your wallet, you’ll have to find the token’s contract address. The smart contract address contains the token’s logic, such as how token transfers are made and other behavior.

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Address[] public liquidityManagers; // Push only, beware false-positives. Maybe you can have rebase evidence as a transaction in the sohm staking contract. I can’t see any records or logs in etherscan or olympusdao. The compiled contract might be susceptible to StorageWriteRemovalBeforeConditionalTermination (medium/high-severity) Solidity Compiler Bugs.


An algorithm is used to rebalance the supply of OHM tokens in the market in order to maintain the peg. However, it’s still useful to know where they are in case you need to access funds stored in a smart contract. At the top of the page, you can also see an overview of the wallet’s balance. The block number your transaction was included in. You can also see how many times your transaction has been confirmed.

What is the daily trading volume of Governance OHM (GOHM)?

// invalidate the cached domain separator if the chain id changes. // signatures from current libraries generate a unique signature with an s-value in the lower half order. Thorough and digestible articles useful for new and casual users of Etherscan that cover our general functions and terms. Etherscan is a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network. The website allows you to search through transactions, blocks, wallet addresses, smart contracts, and other on-chain data.

  • Every airdrop comes with its unique rules and you can review the rules by selecting the “Details” column in the list of ongoing airdrops.
  • Depending on how the emission schedule of OHM tokens are designed, it might take multiple years before FDV is realized.
  • For example, you can set alerts to be notified of incoming transactions, access developer tools, and create data feeds.

Since it does not deal with the storage of private keys or any credentials of users, the block explorer provides the assurance of security. All interactions on Ethereum are public, and Etherscan allows you to look through them like a search engine. You can use a transaction hash to check all related activity, including tokens, smart contracts, and wallet addresses.. A token is a representation of an on-chain or off-chain asset. The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers and social links.


You can discover the details of the contract balance alongside other common information pertaining to the token contract. You will receive an email with instructions for how to confirm your email address in a few minutes. Increase from one day ago and signalling a recent rise in market activity. OlympusPro is new product launched to bring the bond functionalities to any project into the market. It is currently integrated with projects such as Pendle and Spell.


The Olympus project has 2 primary methods to prevent traders for selling off OHM which will introduce buy pressure to the DAO. You’ll now see details on the contract balance and other general information regarding the Uniswap token contract. Next, copy and paste the transaction ID into the search field and press the search icon. Let’s say you want to check the number of confirmations the transaction has and see if it has been sent successfully.

Access the search field on the block explorer and enter the receiving wallet address followed by clicking the search icon. You can discover a list of all the transactions related to the wallet address at the bottom of the page. The results can also showcase whether your transaction has been received alongside an overview of the wallet balance. Etherscan is free and straightforward to use, and it’s a great tool when you need more information than your wallet or exchange can show. For the most basic features, you can quickly learn to use them in a short amount of time. Etherscan is also the basis for other block explorers like BscScan, making your skills easily transferable.

Etherscan tokens, the block explorer gives you in-depth insights into the different on-chain transactions in the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, users can find a vital reason for using Etherscan to stay vigilant of suspicious blockchain activity. Finding smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain can help you ensure that you are sending funds to the correct smart contract. CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition, you can explore many other options such as reviewing transactions, the smart contract, or entering some comments.

How to Unstake sOHM via Etherscan​

This is the number of sohm etherscans added to the chain after your transaction’s block. This knowledge can also keep you safe and help you spot suspicious blockchain activity. Which consists of additional derived blockchain data. James Howell is a blockchain educator and crypto advisor. He has been an advocate of blockchain technology since 2016. James has 15+ years of experience in technologies ranging from Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality.

What Is Etherscan and How to Use It?

The timestamp of the block your transaction was added to. Using Etherscan can help you understand exactly how you interact with the blockchain, other wallets, and DApps. This knowledge can also help you stay safe and spot suspicious behavior.

The at risk amount shows what is vulnerable if the contracts were hacked. Blocks are batches of transactions linked together via cryptographic hashes. Any tampering of a block invalidates subsequent blocks as their hashes would be changed.

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However, it is quite difficult to keep track of all the airdrops happening in a day. How to use Etherscan for interacting directly with the smart contract. You can use the tab in event of technical issues or outages of decentralized apps and DeFi platforms. You have to click on the “Contract” option for finding out the options for interacting with the token according to the smart contract rule. Etherscan wallet tracking functionalities with a few simple steps. Here are some basic methods for verifying the number of confirmations for the specific transaction of transferring 1 ETH.

It’s one of the most popular Ethereum blockchain explorers and is free to use. The block explorer does not offer an Ethereum wallet for storing your private keys. In addition, you should also note that the block explorer tool does not facilitate any opportunities for trading. However, it is a reliable source of information on the Ethereum blockchain network alongside accessing a smart contract database. Etherscan wallet tracking functionality is also simple as tracking transactions through the transaction ID.

If you use Ethereum for more than just HODLing or sending a few transactions, learning how to navigate the blockchain is hugely beneficial. Etherscan is one of the most popular options, so it’s an excellent place to start learning the basics. You can use most of the features without having to connect your wallet or even opening an account.

You can also interact directly with smart contracts to make transactions, check gas fees, and search for airdrops through Etherscan. The details help in confirming the success of transactions and whether they received the required amount of confirmations. In addition, you can also verify the status of transactions by reviewing the receiving wallet.