Acknowledge Excellence with Awards

Please, let me tell you my experience with providing awards to my students.  I will never forget the amazing smiles I saw, the sense of pride the students displayed, and the way the students wanted to wear the medals around their necks the rest of the entire day.  Some students even wore their medals the rest of the week!

We provide the opportunity for students to develop academic skills, grow character, and gain positive memories in an academic environment.  By acknowledging our students’ academic excellence, we further reinforce positive choices -reinforcement that will carry students through the tough times ahead as they make future academic choices.

Medals are a simple way to acknowledge student excellence.  Try hanging medals around your students’ necks.  There’s just something about having a medal around the neck.  I can’t explain it, but I do recommend trying it!  Sports teams offers medals and we can too!

Over the years, we have spent hours researching various types of medals, we have ordered thousands of dollars worth of medals, and we have even custom designed academic achievement medals for various organizations.  You can benefit from our efforts by considering the medals below:  medals that strike the balance between quality and the absolute lowest cost.

Because we are Amazon Affiliates,  if you do purchase these medals from Amazon, they will be delivered right to your home or school, and STEM Playground will receive a commission on the sale!



SET BELOW WILL PROVIDE 1ST-3RD PLACE MEDALS FOR THREE ACTIVITIES (if your teams are made up of three students each)


SET BELOW WILL PROVIDE 1ST-3RD PLACE AWARDS FOR TWO ACTIVITIES (if your teams are made of two students – or 1 activity if your teams are made of three students)