Common Core?  We’ve Got You Covered

Elementary school teachers in states that havecommon-core-icon (1) adopted Common Core State Standards often feel like they can’t teach science because Common Core revolves around English and Math.

So STEM Playground has incorporated English Language Arts (ELA) and Math standards into each of our activities!  

We build our activities to engage students in STEM, not to meet standards imposed on teachers, so Common Core will never be central to our program.  But we’re doing our best to make our program Common Core-friendly!

We Meet These Standards

3rd Grade


  • W.3.1
  • W.3.2
  • W.3.3


  • 3.MP.5

4th Grade


  • W.4.1
  • W.4.2
  • W.4.3


  • 4.MD.1
  • 4.MD.2
  • 4.MP.5
  • 4.NF.4

5th Grade


  • W.5.1
  • W.5.2
  • W.5.3


  • 5.MP.5
  • 5.NF.4
  • 5.NF.5

We Partner with Experts

Longbourn_Logo trans

We partnered with Longbourn Editorial to correlate our activities to Common Core State Standards. Longbourn is a specialized editorial publishing company trusted by McGraw Hill Education, Zaner-Bloser, and the Ohio State University Press.


STEM Playground prepares elementary students for team-based STEM competition through activities designed to create excitement about STEM at an early age while assessing and developing the character traits required for effective collaboration.  Through our online virtual STEM tournament, teachers conduct simple, inexpensive science-based activities with their two-student teams, then upload their scores to compare with other teams and classes around the globe. 

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Where We Are

STEM Playground began as a small pilot program for 10 schools but has grown over 500% in the last two years.

See our map to find participating schools around the world! 

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