Earth and Space Science Projects and Team Activities for School or Home

STEM Playground provides a variety of Earth & Space Science projects. Teams are formed of two or three students.  Each team will conduct a timed, hands-on activity.  Teams will be scored using a rubric to evaluate academics, communications, cooperation, and other character development skills.  Students will gain a fun learning experience.


In ‘Soaring the Solar System’ students will learn the planets. Students form 2-3 person teams and attempt to identify and label as many planets from our solar system as possible within a 15-minute time frame.

‘School Of Rocks’ will teach students all about different rocks and geological structures. This is done through a team activity in which students will have 15 minutes to label as many rocks, types of rocks, and geological structures as they can.

In ‘Cloudy with a Chance of  Science’ students will learn about clouds.  Students attempt to successfully identify and label as many  types of clouds as possible within a 15 minutes.



Students will learn science vocabulary words, including spelling, in ‘The Science Spelling Bee.’