Learning from Home

We understand how difficult it can be to keep the attention of your students, especially when teaching complicated concepts like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at home. Through our collection of interactive activities that are curated for the modern elementary student, users of STEM Playground are able to encourage their students to actively learn topics like Biology, Earth & Space Science, Physics, Mathematics, and more! Our platform even offers a ranking system which teachers can use to evaluate the performance of their own students, allowing them to adjust their teaching to cater to what their students need most. BY comparing their students’ results to the results of comparable students around the world, teachers can see where their children are suffering and consequently use our program to help teach them more about the given subject. This program is perfect to use at home, especially in times like these when you might not be able to gauge your student’s performance due to online learning. 


Here is a video you can pass along to students to help them learn why they have to stay at home in these uncertain times.