Life Science

Life science is essential in understanding the modern world. From understanding what makes up a plant how our bodies are able to process food in our digestive system, our activities allow students to learn the foundation for biology. In our selection of activities, students will not only have fun competing with and against one another, but apply what they have learned in order to fully grasp the specific topic.

In ‘Digestion Race’ Students will learn parts, size, and function¬† of the intestines. Students will work in pairs to build a model of the intestinal system then be scored at the end based on accuracy and teamwork.

In ‘Micro Animal’ students will learn the organelles of an animal cell. This activity offers students a team challenge to get together and attempt to successfully identify and label as many organelles in a cell as possible within a 15-minute time frame. Once complete, scores will be recorded for the class as a whole.

Students will learn science vocabulary words, including spelling, in ‘The Science Spelling Bee.’