Online Learning

We know it can be hard to keep your children’s attention during this COVID 19 crisis, but STEM Playground is here to help with online learning. How? Because we offer projects and activities that can easily be conducted virtually over platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and more. Plus, with our interactive activities, you won’t have to worry about students losing attention or becoming bored with the material, similar to kids games.  

Our activities are the perfect way to help teach kids about Life Sciences, Earth & Space Sciences, Engineering, Chemistry, Math, and even Physics! Whereas Khan Academy is great for teaching in depth material, STEM Playground’s hands-on activities are excellent in helping students to develop a strong understanding for the material. Understanding how well your students are grasping the material is essential, and quite possibly now more than ever given the circumstances of the current pandemic.  Watch as your students have fun learning!

With the lack of a classroom setting, STEM Playground understands how difficult it is to keep your students’ attention and ensure they are learning the material they need. By offering a ranking system that allows users to track the progress of their students and waging their performance against students around the world, teachers can tailor their lesson plans to exactly what their students need most.

Just to make sure our teachers and parents are feeling supported, here are a few videos that might provide some helpful insight in this time of uncertainty: