Sponsorship How-To

We are absolutely thrilled to launch our sponsorship system, but we also know there might be come initial confusion with it. So we created the following walkthrough with screenshots to describe the process in detail.

You will begin the process on your Activity Board, which is pretty much your home page while you’re logged in.

Step 1:

Click the “Get Sponsored” button on the sidebar, inviting you to access your Sponsorship Info page.

Step 2:

On the next page, click the little orange icon next to the unique links for your class or classes. This copies the unique web address of your class’s sponsorship page to your clipboard.

Step 3:

Share your unique class sponsorship link with potential class sponsors via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or however you wish! (Feel free to click on it yourself in order to see what your sponsor will see! And if you have any feedback as to how we can make it better, please let me know!)

Step 4:

This is the page your sponsor will use to sign up for your class. It will include your name, school, and class information as well so your sponsor knows who the benefit is going to!

Step 5:

Your sponsors will see a  Thank You page and will be directed to check their e-mail to find their receipt.  That’s it!

Please e-mail steve@stemplayground.org if you have any questions.

Get Your Class Sponsored!

You will receive Amazon gift cards to help with the cost of materials and your kids will receive "Mission Accomplished" STEM Playground dog tags!

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