Hands-On STEM Activities in Your Classroom/Tuition

STEM Playground offers STEM activities with a virtual competition designed for 3rd through 5th class students using 30 minute activities, low cost materials, and exciting team contests.

Download activities to conduct with your class and upload your scores to our database to get instant feedback on class performance!  Develop team skills and character for success!

India ke liye best after-school padhai! Maza lo gyaan lo!

Try some of our activities for FREE here.


We designed our program specifically for classrooms, tuitions, CBSE/ICSE, and more, keeping in mind how important it is to keep children engaged and excited about learning.

Engaging Contests

Download our activities to conduct with your students and upload the results to compare your class’s scores to the scores of classes globally

Aligned Content

Our activities include pertinent supplemental curriculum material that is aligned to National Standards

Emphasis on Team

Your assessment scores are greatly affected by how well the team members work together, instilling in your students the value of teamwork

STEM Playground Welcome India!

You are my number one priority. Each activity provides the technical knowledge for you to feel comfortable to teach STEM concepts.  Your students learn both technical and teamwork skills to ensure a fun, character building STEM experience.”

     -Al Causey, STEM Playground