Our Mission

STEM Playground is dedicated to fun team activities that highlight character development and the value that diversity brings to teamwork. 

Teach STEM in your Homeschool

Our free program uses common household materials for engaging STEM activities

STEM Playground is a virtual STEM competition designed to prepare 3rd thru 5th grade students for STEM competition in a non-threatening environment.

Download our science activities and supplemental lessons to conduct with your homeschooled students and upload your scores to our database and compare them to classes from all over the globe.

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What We Do


Engaging Contests

Download our science activities to conduct in your homeschool and upload the results to compare your class’s scores to the scores of classes from all over the world.

Lesson Plans

No background in science?  No big deal. Our activities include basic supplemental science curriculum material designed by educational experts.

Emphasis on Team

Team scores are greatly affected by how well the team members work together, instilling in your homeschool students the value of teamwork.

Why We Are The Perfect STEM Solution For The Homeschool

  • No science background required!  (In fact, we throw in supplemental curriculum material for you to teach from!)
  • Extremely cheap materials, most of which can be found in the home.
  • Go at your own pace.  Do as many activities or as few as you like.
  • Expose your kids to STEM competition while keeping them in a familiar environment.
  • Built for the household on a budget, STEM Playground is low cost.
  • Through our post-activity discussion questions and writing activity, we use STEM to deliver English and math to the homeschooler.

Where We Are

STEM Playground began as a small pilot program for 10 schools but has grown to over 3000 schools worldwide!

See our map to find participating schools around the world! 

Note to Homeschools: Your location will not be included in this map.  Make sure to check the box that says “Is your school a home school?” during registration.

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How Our Competition Works

STEM Playground’s activities are designed to be completed by teams of two students and will have measurable results which you can compare with other classes globally, nationally, or even within your own community or school.

While you can compare results from just one activity, you can also compete in the cumulative League Challenge by completing all 12 designated League Challenge activities.

If you don’t want to compete but would rather just use our activities for your class’s enrichment, that’s fine too!