Welcome 3rd 4th and 5th Grade Elementary School Teachers and Parents!  

STEM Playground offers Hands-On STEM projects with an optional online competition designed for 3rd 4th and 5th grade elementary school students.  30 minute projects, everyday materials, and exciting team contests!  All Projects Are FREE!

Signup to download a project guide, materials list, and scoring rubric to do a project with your students.  You may group students into small teams and upload your scores to get instant rankings.  Develop team skills and character for success!  Try all of our projects for FREE here.

Why STEM Playground Works


Engaging Contests

Hands-on projects are fun to do!  Join a league to compete with other teams in your city, state, nation, or even globally

Aligned Content

Teacher guides and supplemental curriculum material are aligned to United States National Standards

Emphasis on Team

Scoring rubrics highlight character and communication skills, instilling in your students the value of teamwork

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STEM Playground is a non-profit public charity focused upon providing the lowest cost and most fun science, engineering, and mathematics enrichment available.


“Students need not only knowledge, but experience that will develop confidence.  To be successful, a student must learn to believe in their ability to accomplish tasks, believe that they can make a difference, and dare to dream of better outcomes.   Hope is the foundation of all success.”  

Al Causey  2021

STEM Playground began in 2006 serving three Title One schools near Washington D.C. and has grown to serve elementary teachers, parents, and school systems worldwide.   

Try our free projects and keep your students engaged with science, engineering, technology, and mathematics!


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