STEM Playground offers a wide variety of activities to teach students about Chemistry. We offer all of it to help prepare your students for the future. We want to ensure your students have the means to learn everything the need about STEM through hands-on activities that will help them grasp and apply what they have learned.

In ‘Bloated Balloon’ students will form a system by putting water in a bottle/jug and then quickly add some alka seltzer to the top before finally putting the balloon on.
Then you watch as the balloon blows up. Whoever has the largest balloon wins!

In ‘Let’s Get Elemental’ students will learn the elements of the Periodic Table. This activity offers students a team challenge to get together and attempt to successfully identify and label as many elements as possible within a 15-minute time frame. Once complete, scores will be recorded for the class as a whole.

Students will learn science vocabulary words, including spelling, in ‘The Science Spelling Bee.’