Free Science Lesson Plans

Download STEM Playground’s free supporting curriculum material to use in your elementary classroom!

Teach subjects like:BaseLogoNG-cropped

  • acceleration,
  • gravity
  • friction
  • mass
  • aerodynamics
  • the rock cycle
  • the water cycle

While we would LOVE to have you compete in our global STEM competiton, we understand if you would just like to use our products to teach science to your kids!


What We Do

Engaging Contests

Download our activities to conduct with your students and upload the results to compare your class’s scores to the scores of classes from all over the country.

Aligned Content

Our activities include pertinent supplemental curriculum material that is aligned to National Standards.

Emphasis on Team

Your assessment scores are greatly affected by how well the team members work together, instilling in your students the value of teamwork.

How We Align to Standards

STEM Playground designed its STEM activities and supporting curriculum material around you and your students, NOT Common Core standards.  However, we understand the need for those of you in Common Core-participating states to meet English Language Arts and Math standards, even as you teach science.

So STEM Playground asked educational publisher Longbourn Editorial to correlate our current curriculum material to both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.





Our Mission

STEM Playground prepares elementary students for team-based STEM competition through  activities designed to create excitement about STEM at an early age while assessing and developing the character traits required for effective collaboration.  Through our online virtual STEM tournament, teachers conduct simple, inexpensive science-based activities with their two-student teams, then upload their scores to compare with other teams and classes around the globe. 

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