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You can also use storytelling techniques, such as anecdotes, metaphors, or quotes, to make your cover letter more engaging and memorable. Here, describe what you hope to accomplish with this company and how your remote skillset can help them move forward towards their goals. Align your skillset with their remote need and talk about why you’re the perfect person for this remote role. Us this section to describe your previous remote work experience or provide context to specific situations, such as employment gaps and career changes.

But resist the temptation to focus on what you’ll gain and turn your attention to what the employer will receive. The more you can use your cover letter to outline the undeniable value they’ll get from hiring you, the better off you’ll be. Also consider emphasizing any times when you spearheaded projects or worked independently. Have you ever taken work home on the evenings or weekends?

What is a Remote Job Cover Letter?

Here’s what you need to know about getting started on your draft. At that point, you are using “I” too much because it’s not used in a way that provides value to the reader. Don’t just cut and paste your resume into your cover letter. Try to re-word the information from it, rather than just repeating it. In most job descriptions you will find section “desirable skills”. This can be a huge benefit for you because you can practically say what they want to hear.

It’s even better to get someone else to read it and point out any mistakes or confusing things. Spelling is very important, you may not have perfect English skills and that’s ok, just show them that you take pride in your work with a simple spell-check and proofread. You don’t have to provide them with your postal address since you will be working remotely, but your email and phone number is a must. Writing a cover letter is very important when it comes to getting a remote job.

Cover letter for apprenticeship (5 samples)

Find ways that you can work those into your cover letter for a remote job. Bonus points if you can include real examples of how you’ve used them to make a difference with past employers. A cover letter is an integral part of your job application, along with your resume.

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So, if you already have some remote work under your belt, make sure that you call attention to that in your cover letter. This article has been reviewed by our editorial team to make sure it follows Zety’s editorial guidelines. We’re committed to sharing our expertise and giving you trustworthy career advice tailored to your needs.

Jobs for Lazy People: Remote Edition

Here’s a running list of every company (and the remote jobs they offer) that has announced that where you work will have no impact on what you are paid. I’ve been building my own startup for the last few years and have been backed by Erlich Bachman’s incubator Aviato. I’m passionate about video compression and I’ve learned a lot about it working close to the Pied Piper team.

First, you do not leave room to describe your professional strengths and motivation to join a particular company. Second, the employer will have a chance to find all the detailed information about your background in your resume. Therefore, confine your work experience to a couple of sentences and move on to self-presentation. I would love to speak with you more in a formal interview setting.

Why a Cover Letter for Remote Jobs Matters

The idea of “an office” has entirely shifted to working from home, changing the job-hunting process as well. And although the fundamentals of the job search process remain the same, it is a good idea to edit your resume and cover letter to accommodate the reality of working from home. Let’s go over some tips to help you land your next remote job.

  • It would also save you from applying to hundreds of remote job postings you are not into and give you an idea of the specific skills and experience they are looking for.
  • Now that you’ve emphasized your value, seal the deal by outlining any unique skills or experience you have that can set you apart from other candidates.
  • Find out what their mission, values, and culture are, and how they operate as a remote team.
  • In this article, we will share some best practices for writing a cover letter that stands out and impresses remote employers.